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path is a directive executor who decodes a field from the path of the request URI, aka. path variables.


httpin doesn't provide a builtin path directive, because httpin doesn't provide routing functionality. But httpin can be easily integrated with other packages that provide routing functionality, to decode path variables.

You can quickly implement a path directive with the following code (routing package specific):

  • go-chi/chi
httpin.UseGochiURLParam("path", chi.URLParam)
  • gorilla/mux
httpin.UseGorillaMux("path", mux.Vars)

Please visit the Integrations section on the left sidebar to find more details on how to integrate httpin with other packages.

If you can't find the package you wanted in the list, you could either open an issue on the Github or visit custom 🔌 to learn to implement a "path" directive of your own.

We do hope that you would like to make contributions to the httpin project to make it better!