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Error Handler

Introduced in v0.6.0.

While using httpin.NewInput to create an HTTP middleware handler, an error handler will be used to handle cases of decoding failures. You can sepcify a custom error handler for httpin to use. Which should adhere to the following signature:

func CustomErrorHandler(rw http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, err error) {
// ...

Use WithErrorHandler option to specify a custom handler

Create an HTTP middleware handler:

router := chi.NewRouter()

func init() {
httpin.NewInput(ListThingsInput{}, WithErrorHandler(CustomErrorHandler)),
).Get("/things/:id", ListThings)

Create an engine:

engine, err := httpin.New(Thing{}, WithErrorHandler(CustomErrorHandler))
input, err := engine.Decode(req)

Globally replace the default error handler

If you are using httpin.NewInput, you will find that it's annoying to add an option to each call in order to use a custom error handler.

So, httpin.ReplaceDefaultErrorHandler was introduced to replace the default error handler globally.